Will Kail is a UK based Product Designer focusing on consumer products, interfaces, and brand development.

A fresh graduate from Loughborough University, he is currently Lead Designer and Project Manager at Bunk.

Selected Work:

Oatly List - The Viral Shopping List

An improved ad-supported shopping list, allowing weekly shoppers to view their list hands-free by looping around their trolley handle. Designed with Oatly in mind.

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AGXTEND - Marketing Documents

A range of internal and external marketing, sales and training documents in various print and digital formats for Agrotech innovation company, AGXTEND. Completed throughout 2019.

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Bunk - The Wireless Smartphone Battery

A user driven solution to smartphone battery woes. Bunk adds to your smartphones battery capacity whenever you need it, with zero wires, zero fastenings, and zero hassle.

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Solo - A Personal Water Boiler

Addressing user behavior problems with kettles such as over-filling and re-boiling, Solo is a one-cup water boiler that focuses on the little details, such as preventing limescale build-up

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A bit about Will:

About Me

I'm a Product Designer and first class graduate from Loughborough University (their words, not mine). I've studied at TU Delft, interned at FLEX/design, and now I'm ready for the next step.

I love music, travel and things that are slightly broken.
Check out what I'm currently working on, or what's playing.

Contact Me

Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries, comments or just to say hi!

You can reach me over on my Instagram, or any of my social media accounts in the footer.



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